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Street Food

Authentic Mexican

9 Aldershot Rd Lonsdale
(WaterWorld Home and Garden)

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Wednesday to Saturday


Mexican Madness has a range of offers to suit your crew!

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We Cater for Pick Up


Having a work, family/ friend get together and cant work out the catering sweet and drink? We have many catering options to suit...

Private Events 


Having a party or exciting event and cant be bothered working out the catering sweet, drink and beats? We have many catering options to suit your fun feast!

Public Food Truck Carnivals


Wanting a fun day out, come check out Mexican Madness and other exciting cuisines at Adelaide's food truck carnivals!


There always something new and exciting going on at Mexican Madness

We are ready for you to explore your tastebuds, are you??

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Meal Options!


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Mexican Madness garden area continues its quirky updates!


Get ready for the summer months full of amazing dining experiences! Undercover, great vibes, great beats and a great feed :D

$5 meal deals

July 20, 2025

Any Cold Beverage 
Any Sweet Treat-
Triple Choc Cookie
Chilli Brownie
Chocolate Bars

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Our Famous Loaded Corn on da Cob

Soaked in Garlic herbed butter loaded with homemade garlic mayo, spread in salty parmesan cheese and zesty sweet spicy dry rub, and finally topped of with a fresh squeeze of lime and coriander. This is a Mexican Madness special!!

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A Bit About Us

We strongly specialise in our fried burrito and tacos being soaked up in our sweet sauce before its wicked fry up with sweet slow cooked meat, cheese, and salsa fillings!

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Mex Burger

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x3 Cheese, Mozzarella, Old English and Parmesan grilled topped with your well known and loved Mex fillings Recommended with Honey BBQ, Sweet mustard and garlic sauce


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9 aldershot Rd Lonsdale


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