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 Mexican Madness offers a range of gluten-free options for your ideal Mex meals. Being able to mix and match fillings and slow-cooked meats with gluten-free nachos, loaded bowls, and the loaded spuds. This provides a lot of variety for those with gluten sensitivities or dietary restrictions. Mexican cuisine is known for its bold flavours and vibrant ingredients, so it's fantastic that people following a gluten-free diet can enjoy these tasty meals. Whether someone prefers vegetarian, vegan, or meat-based fillings, they can customize their meal to their liking while still enjoying a  gluten-free meal.


Salad Bowls OFFICE WORKS.jpg


Our Pulled Jackfruit is an unbeatable meat substitute and becoming a very popular choice and Vegan heaven!
The texture and ability to absorb flavours with a blend of 14 spices results in a rich and flavourful dish.

Using a plant-based beef broth adds depth to the jackfruit, enhancing its savoury profile.
The combination of sweet and savoury flavours in the pulled jackfruit creates a wonderful balance.
Pairing with vegan cheese and homemade flavourful vegan sauces adds another layer of taste and texture to the dish while sticking to a vegan diet.

The smashed and spiced black beans is such a flavourful alternative also. The Mexican Madness range of spices bring a bold and aromatic and sweet element to the Black Beans.



chilli brownie.jpg


The Lightly Spicy Chocolate mousse and Chilli brownies are such an intriguing and unique dessert served at Mexican Madness.

The addition of whipped cream, chocolate mousse, marshmallows, and berries creates a wonderful balance of flavours and textures.
The flavourful sweet and spicy desserts are the best way to polish of your experience with Mexican Madness.



NEW SET UP_edited_edited.jpg

 Mexican Madness is a lively and unique dining establishment. With heaters and outdoor undercover areas, providing options for various weather conditions. Open Wed-Sun we have a range of fun times to accommodate families and yes you got it Friday Saturday nights get ramped up!



Pre-ordering your Mexican meals is a fantastic idea to beat the queue and save time when picking up your food. Whether you're ordering a large feast or just a quick snack, pre-ordering allows you to skip the line and have your meal ready for you when you arrive.


 Delivery Bike

Find Mexican Madness on:



(Mexican Madness delivery site coming soon)

Our Beverages

jarrito range.jpg

Mexican Madness has a range of authentic and unique beverages to pair with your favourite Mex Meals.

Mexican Madness will continue increasing its range of Jarritos and Slushies.

 Mexican Madness is stocking the full range of Soda BOSS. These flavourful drink are new to Australia, the flavours resemble our well known and loved allenes lollies!
Available amongst our non alcoholic beverages we have a range of the classics-Sprite, Coke, Red bull Fanta and a range of Juices.


Mexican Madness prides itself with its sustainable practises. This includes our bio pack range of cups, straws, takeaway packaging and strong recycling program and promotion.

There always something new and exciting going on at Mexican Madness

We are ready for you to explore your tastebuds, are you??

cut out1.png

Beef Brisket - 12hr Slow cook
Pork Shoulder - 9hr Slow cook

Chicken Breast- 4hr Slow cook 

Jackfruit Pulled - 4hr Slow cook

mex burger OFFICEWORKS.jpg

Mexican Madness
uses top quality!

Mex Burger

A loaded grilled Burger with Mozzarella, Old English, and Parmesan, a cheese lover's dream. The combination of the cheeses creates a rich and flavourful experience when combined with the popular MEX flavours!


Small Loaded Meals

Our Small Serving of the Loaded  Bowl and Loaded Nachos go down perfect for what some would call a snack and some a meal- available in large.

sour cream nacho.jpg

Our Famous Loaded Corn on da Cob

Soaked in Garlic herbed butter loaded with homemade garlic mayo, spread in salty parmesan cheese and zesty sweet spicy dry rub, and finally topped of with a fresh squeeze of lime and coriander. This is a Mexican Madness special!!

Our authentic Fried cuisine

burrito 2.jpg

We strongly specialise in our Fried Burrito and Tacos fried to perfection! With your choice of sweet Slow Cooked Meat, Cheese, and Pico De Gallo, Garlic Corn and Jalapeno fresh Lime and Coriander fillings! All Mex Meals are strongly recommended to pair with Mexican Madness's Special Sweet Birria sauce (Its too good to miss)

Irresistible Entrees

cheesY garlic bread.jpg

Our Corn on da Cob and Cheesy Garlic Bread are only $7
Our Cheesy Garlic Bread come topped with Garlic and Herbed Butter, Creamy Garlic Sauce, Mozzarella, Parmesan, the Sweetest Dry Rub and is Grilled to perfection!

undercver 2.jpg

Mexican Madness garden area continues its quirky updates!

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